Goodbye Victoria BC – We Love You

The City of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, has been amazing to me and loved ones.

Over the years we’ve done so much in this place. Whether it’s roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, moss removal or window cleaning, whether it’s metal roofing, roof repair, or roofer Victoria BC services of any kind, or whether it’s computer repair, data recovery, computer virus removal, laptop repair, etc, we’ve discussed it all over the years and have had a hand in it. Whether it’s sharing the love or the important of family pets, we’ll always have cool topics to look back at and re-read. Our blog will be here to always hold our love for Victoria BC.

The future holds its secrets and only time will reveal them. Until then, we’ll continue to remember how great Victoria BC was to us. We’ll never forget you.



Roofer Victoria BC Does It Right


2021 is here and it’s another productive, work-fueled year of creativity and sharing the love. Christmas was great to us and now we’re being greater to the New Year by starting things off right. Our first project this year was getting the roof shingles replaced with roofing service in Victoria BC. There were many companies to choose from, but we went with Roofing Victoria at (778) 404-1394 because I’ve heard great things about their quality of service in the past.

Our residential property in Saanich has been needing a roofer to fix the shingles for a while now, and 2021 is the year we finally tackled this chore. We’ve had some decent weather this winter which has made this whole project possible, otherwise we might be waiting till winter is over before ordering professional roofer Victoria BC service. We couldn’t have done this anywhere else in the world, because the weather in Victoria BC is famously great all year round.

The roof repairs went well and now it’s safe to say we started the year off right successfully. In February we’ll be looking to the backyard landscaping as our next chore. In fact, the sun is coming in through my window as I write this. A great thing to behold, and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

A while ago we talked about roof cleaning in Victoria BC and it’s quite similar to roof shingle repair. Before fixing the roof shingles there was a small amount of moss to remove anyways so roofers often have to do a bit of roof cleaning as part of their jobs. That’s if they want to do it right, of course. And today we’re talking all about how the Victoria BC roofer did it right. He worked fast and affordably, getting the job done ahead of schedule and saving me money in the process.

I often think roofers don’t get paid enough, and after seeing the quality results on my roof I must say that again. So thank you guys at Roofing Victoria. I’ll be calling you again in 10 years!


Have a Jolly, Jolly Xmas of 2020, folks!

Hello everyone. Long time, no see. It’s been a hectic year as I bet you’ll imagine. My hope is that you pulled through it well. I barely did, but I’m here. I’m happy. I’m ready to start 2021 after having a jolly, jolly Christmas with the few loved ones I’m in a bubble with. The family I can’t see due to travel regulations will be enjoying Zoom calls with me every 2 hours. Just joking. It’ll be every 8 hours or so over the next week.

I hope everyone else out there finds a way to stay in touch with family over the holidays. The internet allows for some great opportunities. Well, I got my wish across. If you don’t have a happy holiday then it’s not my fault, haha. Merry Christmas everyone. Stay safe.


Share the Love in 2019! How?

sharing love

What areas of your life throughout 2018 could have used more love? Before I ask more personal questions that may make your reflect and express the theme of this post, let me tell you what areas of my life in 2018 needed more love and how I intend to improve this in 2019.

Areas in my life that need more love:

  • Love for my neighbors.
  • Love for my hamster.
  • Love for my exercise routine.
  • Love for my diet.
  • Love for my choice of music (too much negative vibes).
  • Love for my poor, poor car.
  • Love for my long-lost practice of visiting nature.

If I think deeper I could come up with many more but I don’t want to shovel too much at once onto myself. If I can settle these love issues, I’ll get to the others in 2020, then more in 2021 and by the time 2030 rolls around I’ll have so much love in my life it’ll be impossible not to cherish my life and the way things are going.

Now time to share my theme and tell you why I asked you that question at the beginning. I’m almost certain that there are areas in everyone’s life where love is lacking. Whether it’s love for yourself or the love you share outside of yourself, there’s areas lacking. Now how different do you think the world would be if everyone on this planet took the time to focus on the lacking areas and absolve them? Do you think that if love was shared more openly in communities a lot of the disputes and social problems we have will disappear? I certainly do, which is the theme of this post.

I believe that if we all focused on filling the holes in our lives with love that the world would be a better place. So I invite you to not consider this some sappy and hokey call to action. I invite you to take love seriously because it is the one power that, with a single stroke, can combat hate, anger, fury, sadness and all the other negative emotions of the world. Please, like I have done above, write down a list of the areas of your life where love is lacking and make a pact with yourself to fill these areas with love slowly, not all at once, over the course of this fabulous new year!

We can do it! 2019 is your year, baby!


The Power of Playing Music at Work

I don’t have much good to say about playing the same radio station everyday, but that’s just for my tastes. I would gladly go without hearing brainwashing advertisements all day, and hearing the same songs everyday for that matter. What I’ll be talking about here is the power of playing the music of your choice. Whether it’s Spotify, Soundcloud, or YouTube playlists, playing music, especially happy music, while working at home or the workplace gives a special energy to your actions and makes the whole working process more enjoyable, overall adding to your productivity and boosting your results. Even now while I’m writing this I’m listening to “You Sexy Thing” by Martika and I’m noticing it adds an extra spring to my fingers as I type, motivating me to do my best, because I really do believe in miracles.

After listening to upbeat positive music during a full work day, compare it to a day where no music is playing and see which day was better. Some work requires acute attention and therefor playing music is not permitted, even via headphones, and that’s a true shame. I can imagine how much more energy firefighters would have while putting out a fire if they played heavy metal from the fire truck for instance, but I can also imagine how that would be frowned upon by society, as if fire fighting isn’t a job you should morally enjoy.

I believe people who work at home have a great benefit over office workers because they can set up any environment they want, including all-you-can-drink tea and music blaring at full volume. Construction workers also get it really good because often music is endorsed, hence early beers at the end of a long Friday. Some work requires calmness, and therefore something like sitar music or classical music is quite suitable. Listening to classical music while doing anything, even brushing your teeth, adds to the experience and makes it more memorable. I know for a fact playing music at work definitely helped this friend of mine.

For me personally I’ll sometimes notice I’ve been working for a few hours without music playing and, after sensing something was missing, I’ll say “What the heck is wrong with me?” and immediately hit up one of my favorite YouTube playlists. If you want a pointer for a good one check out this fan-made soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy:

And I think it’s very important that the music you listen to all day isn’t depressing or negative, because this will have a big impact on your subconscious thinking and you will fall into the same vibration patterns of the music, making yourself depressed, and this doesn’t help work productivity, unless, of course, you’re a tragic poet or a melancholy painter. At the end of the day there’s a time and place for every type of music, even rap. So now I pose the ultimate question. If you work in an area that permits music and you choose not to listen to it, what is wrong with you? Now even I prefer silence sometimes, and there’s plenty of music I simply can’t stand to listen to for more than a single second, like most music played in the mall or mainstream radio, but that’s just me.

Now you won’t know what it’s like to work hard with the power of music on your side until you try it, so give it a shot. Try a funky disco playlist or a classic rock playlist, whatever suites your steez. And until next time, thanks for visiting. Have a great day! Lastly, for your benefit, here’s another favorite YouTube playlist of mine. It’ll rock your day!

Oh yeah, let’s boogy on down to work, ya’ll!


Are Millennials Really Entitled to Anything?

To answer this question, we must separate the differences between feeling entitled and “being” entitled. I think it’s rather obvious that the majority of millennials, that is young people born in the late ’80s and throughout the ’90s definitely “feel” entitled, or else I wouldn’t be asking this question. But are they actually entitled to anything that say, for example, Baby Boomers aren’t? Once again there is an obvious answer: HECK NO!!!!

Why is that? Because, like Jesus himself said, we reap what we sow, and if a millennial doesn’t sow anything, then they rightly deserve nothing. And that goes for every generation throughout history. There are scientific reasons why millenials feel so entitled to receive good things without working for them, and that’s because most of them have grown up in an environment of instant gratification. They’ve become addicted to instant results, and don’t understand the fact that anything worth doing in life requires patience and decades of hard work, not just a tweet or an Instagram post. The word “Instagram” itself implies something instant, and this is what young people are so used to receiving–EVERYTHING INSTANTLY!

Don’t believe me? Here’s a list of all the things young people get instantly today that Baby Boomers didn’t:

  1. Messages in the mail
  2. Photos off the camera
  3. Answers to their every question via Google
  4. I think I’ve proved my point

Millennials may be entitled to opportunities, but their not entitled to the results you get after taking advantage of those opportunities. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m proud of many millenials out there who understand this and they, believe it or not, work harder than most Baby Boomers have, and in this Age of Information they rise to incredible heights. Selling items online takes hard work to do it right and thousands of young millionaires are enjoying the benefits of knowing that they’re not entitled to anything they don’t work towards.

I wrote this for old people who are trying to understand why kids today can be such pricks, and also for young people themselves who wonder why they’re so dissatisfied with life after college. Guess what, Mr and Mrs Young Person, if you want satisfaction other than likes on your Facebook post, you got to get up early and work, work, work. Find joy in the process of working towards your dream, and satisfaction will surely come!

Thanks for allowing me to get this off my chest! This was a guest post by Ashley Simpson.


A Computer Savvy Girl in a Family of Farmers (a funny story)

my farm

I recently moved back to the family farm because I was sick of the city. In the city a term like “computer savvy” probably means a lot more than it does out on the family farm. While my brothers are cleaning pig poop out of the sty, I’m scrolling through Facebook. And while Father’s setting fair in the stable, I’m writing a blog post. Let me tell you it isn’t fair to be even a whit well-versed in the usages of a computer when most of your family are hicks (I know they’ll never read this). As soon as something technical to do with electricity breaks down or malfunctions, my family will come barging into my room with mud on their faces demanding that I get up to help them posthaste, ‘cus, as they put it, “I’m all wise in the ways of computer chips and such.” SMH and FML…

I decided to make this the topic for today because I’ve done enough complaining to myself over the past few years to write a damned book on the subject, and, for all I know, there might be a researcher out there wondering what it’s like to be somewhat savvy with computers when living with a troupe of god-awful hillbillies and cretins, let alone if they’re wondering if there’s even anyone out there who still doesn’t know how to turn on a laptop in 2018 (there is)!

I’m fortunate enough to still have a grandpa kicking around and, unlike my father who can be a little feminine with his feelings sometimes, he’s proud to be the man of the household, and I mean “man of the household” with all of its stereotypes attached. Every night at supper grandpa’s boasting about how he still makes all the hay and does all the pruning even though he’s over seventy and has arthritis in one elbow (God help him). “My other elbow is stronger than all the elbows that shouldn’t be on the damn table right now put together! Dammit, Harris, don’t make grandma come riding her wheelchair out of the grave to whoop your scrawny arse! Take that damn thing off the table!” is exactly something he would say, and has said on more than one occasion.

Just the other day, perhaps the reason I’m fuming more than usual right now (not the full reason, as you’ll soon learn), the same old man literally kicked down my door while I was sleeping to scream, “My electric razor stopped working! Can you fix it? I got church in four hours and I can’t go looking like the damned Bigfoot.”

I told him to do what every other old man is doing and stick with the old fashioned razor blade. He liked that answer and left me to my sweet, sweet miserable dreams.

The only laptop on the farm is mine and so you can imagine how annoying it is when one of your brothers, still pissed off about the shutting down of the local DVD store, wants to download a movie and, after lending the thing to him, he gives it back to you five minutes later looking tenfold happier and you notice a dollop of hand-cream on the space-bar… (nuff said)

A month ago I contemplated going back to church because I needed a means of releasing all this pent-up anger roiling in my viscera. Little did I know there were dozens of little old ladies with VHS players that needed fixing, and they magically knew of my amazing computer expertise. One little granny with a walker even said, “My grandson wants to watch Pokemon movies all day for his birthday and I thought you’d like to join him, considering you both love those Japanese cartoons so much.” Thinking of it now I wonder how the hell she knew I like anime (that’s a secret even my friends don’t know), but at the time I just, as kindly as I could, explained I was twenty years older than her grandson and Pokemon is nothing (I mean NOTHING) like the kind of violent Japanese cartoons I like to watch. She still didn’t understand so I went to the bathroom to scream into a hand-full of balled up toilet paper.

This morning the last straw was plucked from my sanity when one of my brothers, the youngest one (he’s still older than me), finished feeding the chickens and thought it would be funny to come up to me while I was eating breakfast and call my a “nerd” just because I was reading an article on my phone. I wanted to rush up and slap him in the kisser with a ringed fist but instead remembered my many years if self-training and called him redneck as a counterattack. Ah, it felt good to see his cheeks redden in rage. Apparently he couldn’t handle his own emotions so, while I was finishing up my meal, he snuck into my room and smashed my laptop screen with a hammer. Yup, he really did it. “Call me a redneck now!” is what he screamed when I confronted him. Oh, you can bet I did. Indeed, I called him a lot more than just a redneck.

Luckily Computer Repair Nerds was kind enough to make the trip up island to replace my laptop screen today (or else I wouldn’t be writing this). Already I feel a lot better getting this off my chest, and part of me hopes the said brother one day reads this. If you are reading this, dear brother, I just want you to know you were born a redneck and you’ll die one. Ah, yes, that feels so good. For anyone else reading this, I’m sorry. Surely you can understand. I guess there’s another reason why having a pet is good. Like right now if it wasn’t for my cat I’d probably smash my own screen all over again. *Sigh*

Well, there goes the confessions of a computer savvy farm-girl living with a bunch of morons. I hope you got a laugh out of it, ‘cus I sure didn’t.



The Importance of Having a Family Pet in the House

a picture of a goldfish

Every member of a family can benefit from having a pet in the household, even visiting family members who don’t live there! And the family pet doesn’t need to be an animal. Sometimes a plant or an insect can be your pet, and these work great for people with certain allergies. If you live in an apartment, a fish, hamster or ant-farm can be perfect. But if you’re living on a farm like I used to for many years, a pig, horse or cow can take up the role of family pet!

But why?…

Why is it so important to have a family pet?

The answer to that question changes with every member of the family. For your young son, the answer might be because he needs someone to wrestle with, and the puppy is perfect for that! For the daughter, the answer might be because she needs an excuse to leave the house and get fresh air, and walking the puppy is perfect for that! For the father, the answer might be that he needs to feel content knowing there is always a great nose keeping guard over the house, and a dog, as we all know, is great for guarding the house at night, acting as an alarm and source of defense. For the mother, the answer might be that she wants something to keep her company when all the children are at school and the husband is at work, and the dog is a great cuddle buddy while she’s folding laundry in the living room.

But never forget, the benefits of having a pet go both ways, and the pet itself is also the recipient of many blessings!

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How to Accept Personal Change by Following the Planet’s Example

Let’s take a journey down to the beach where it’s summertime and Thomas, a young man who has recently become a father, is teaching his son how to walk along the sand. The songbirds are larking, other families are building sandcastles nearby, and Thomas’s girlfriend, Diana, just failed to watch her son walk for the first time because, after having panic attacks all day, she is busily using a planner app on her phone to plan her future and get her life in order.

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The Top Roof Moss Removal Expert In Victoria BC!

The Importance of Satisfaction In Your Workplace: From Your Local Moss Cleaner

No matter which job in the world you have, you’re producing something, a service, a product, something, or else no one would be paying you. Whether it’s a burger and a smile or a quick and efficient power washing service, it’s something that affects the civilization you live in permanently, something that may have more impact than you or anyone can possibly realize, like the domino effect of a single smile for instance, and the first step to getting satisfaction from the simplest of jobs is seeing and noticing these difference that you’re making in the world. And to improve your satisfaction you must actively want to put more value into the area you live in. As a commercial gutter cleaner, window cleaner and moss removal expert, I get to travel around Victoria BC and all of Vancouver Island adding cleanliness to people’s homes by scrubbing the moss off of their rooftops and giving their windows what I believe is the best window washing service in Victoria. Victoria gutter cleaning and window washing is one of those hard jobs that’s easy to complain about if you’re failing to notice the impact you’re making. After roof demossing for affordable prices all day, and climbing down the ladder with a sore back, I never grouch because a week from now I can walk past this house and say, “Hey, I did that pressure washing service.” Or, “Hey, I did that good window cleaning service.” And the difference I made is for everyone who walks down that road, not just me. After giving a no obligation free estimate to a new client, I go out with the professional team smiling because doing top performance pressure washing services for the best prices all day is, in my mind, so satisfying! Think of your job and what service you provide. Whether it’s pressure washing moss out of the crack in a brick driveway in Oak Bay or cheap gutter cleaning in Langford, if you’re thinking about just the money and your time rather than the actual spot free driveway and perfectly clean gutter system service you did, then of course you’re going to grouch because that work is tough. If you still don’t understand why I love my job so much, just let me list some of the beautiful things you see every day that you take for granted:


  • Brightly clean sidewalks with oil stains removed
  • Rooftops that are clean, reflecting the rays of the sun
  • Washed office building windows
  • A friendly moss removal company truck that lets you pass into the lane of traffic when no other car would
  • Smiles from the people in their homes, gazing out of their spotless windows


And after providing all that to the city everyday the satisfaction is so overwhelming that I just want to go out and wash more windows and clean more gutters. As a roof moss removal company it’s sad to see people who do so much good for their city being so sad at work. For example, a customer who needed swift and low cost roof cleaning and de-mossing, a very kind lady, I won’t mention her name, told us a story of the last cheap gutter cleaners she hired and how sad they were to be working for her. Even though they did an excellent job and left their client pleased, they failed to see the beauty in their own results, had only come for the money and to them it was just another job that needed to be done. Nothing more. Tsk. Tsk. What a shame. The same thing goes for people who flip burgers. The happiest person I know flips burgers all day and he makes roughly 400 people in Victoria smile on a daily basis. Just imagine how much of a domino effect that one man is making with all those smiles. I met him when I was window washing in downtown Victoria. He asked me what it’s like to be a window washer. First I told him I’m actually mostly a roof cleaner and moss cleaner, but it’s all the same, I said. It’s all so satisfying. And it was actually meeting him that gave me the motivation to write this post. Not knowing where I could share my joy, I reached out to this blog and the admins are super grateful. If you want to write a post for this awesome website then click here to go to their contact page. Thank you for reading and I hope you remember to remember the greatness you’re providing.


Providing Victoria BC With The Best Roof Moss Removal Rates Possible!