The Power of Playing Music at Work

I don’t have much good to say about playing the same radio station everyday, but that’s just for my tastes. I would gladly go without hearing brainwashing advertisements all day, and hearing the same songs everyday for that matter. What I’ll be talking about here is the power of playing the music of your choice. Whether it’s Spotify, Soundcloud, or YouTube playlists, playing music, especially happy music, while working at home or the workplace gives a special energy to your actions and makes the whole working process more enjoyable, overall adding to your productivity and boosting your results. Even now while I’m writing this I’m listening to “You Sexy Thing” by Martika and I’m noticing it adds an extra spring to my fingers as I type, motivating me to do my best, because I really do believe in miracles.

After listening to upbeat positive music during a full work day, compare it to a day where no music is playing and see which day was better. Some work requires acute attention and therefor playing music is not permitted, even via headphones, and that’s a true shame. I can imagine how much more energy firefighters would have while putting out a fire if they played heavy metal from the fire truck for instance, but I can also imagine how that would be frowned upon by society, as if fire fighting isn’t a job you should morally enjoy.

I believe people who work at home have a great benefit over office workers because they can set up any environment they want, including all-you-can-drink tea and music blaring at full volume. Construction workers also get it really good because often music is endorsed, hence early beers at the end of a long Friday. Some work requires calmness, and therefore something like sitar music or classical music is quite suitable. Listening to classical music while doing anything, even brushing your teeth, adds to the experience and makes it more memorable. I know for a fact playing music at work definitely helped thisĀ friend of mine.

For me personally I’ll sometimes notice I’ve been working for a few hours without music playing and, after sensing something was missing, I’ll say “What the heck is wrong with me?” and immediately hit up one of my favorite YouTube playlists. If you want a pointer for a good one check out this fan-made soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy:

And I think it’s very important that the music you listen to all day isn’t depressing or negative, because this will have a big impact on your subconscious thinking and you will fall into the same vibration patterns of the music, making yourself depressed, and this doesn’t help work productivity, unless, of course, you’re a tragic poet or a melancholy painter. At the end of the day there’s a time and place for every type of music, even rap. So now I pose the ultimate question. If you work in an area that permits music and you choose not to listen to it, what is wrong with you? Now even I prefer silence sometimes, and there’s plenty of music I simply can’t stand to listen to for more than a single second, like most music played in the mall or mainstream radio, but that’s just me.

Now you won’t know what it’s like to work hard with the power of music on your side until you try it, so give it a shot. Try a funky disco playlist or a classic rock playlist, whatever suites your steez. And until next time, thanks for visiting. Have a great day! Lastly, for your benefit, here’s another favorite YouTube playlist of mine. It’ll rock your day!

Oh yeah, let’s boogy on down to work, ya’ll!