The Importance of Having a Family Pet in the House

a picture of a goldfish

Every member of a family can benefit from having a pet in the household, even visiting family members who don’t live there! And the family pet doesn’t need to be an animal. Sometimes a plant or an insect can be your pet, and these work great for people with certain allergies. If you live in an apartment, a fish, hamster or ant-farm can be perfect. But if you’re living on a farm like I used to for many years, a pig, horse or cow can take up the role of family pet!

But why?…

Why is it so important to have a family pet?

The answer to that question changes with every member of the family. For your young son, the answer might be because he needs someone to wrestle with, and the puppy is perfect for that! For the daughter, the answer might be because she needs an excuse to leave the house and get fresh air, and walking the puppy is perfect for that! For the father, the answer might be that he needs to feel content knowing there is always a great nose keeping guard over the house, and a dog, as we all know, is great for guarding the house at night, acting as an alarm and source of defense. For the mother, the answer might be that she wants something to keep her company when all the children are at school and the husband is at work, and the dog is a great cuddle buddy while she’s folding laundry in the living room.

But never forget, the benefits of having a pet go both ways, and the pet itself is also the recipient of many blessings!

Here are 4 blessings any pet can get from living in a family home!

  1. Pets and cuddles! Even a lizard loves social contact, and some people would go as far to say that even a spider likes to be petted and rubbed. When you adopt a pet into your home, your signing a contract that says, “I promise to pet you everyday because you’re so cute and I love you!”
  2. Food! It would be hard to keep a cool pet around the house if you didn’t feed it. That’s exactly why some pets love their masters so much; they get to eat some really good food. Giving your pet treats, like mice for your pet snake or bones for your dog, keeps the pet healthy and loyal, and they’ll find that they need you just as much as you need them.
  3. Shelter and the right temperature! In some countries certain foreign animals wouldn’t be able to survive if temperatures and conditions weren’t regulated to suit their needs. For example some lizards need a warm environment, and this is exactly what pet owners do for their lizards as they set up incubating lights in the lizard’s cage. Shelter for some cats and dogs can mean life and death, and I once met a hamster who would never run out of its cage because the cage was a source of security for it, and leaving the cage would be stupid! Even humans need shelter, so you should be able to appreciate this great gift you’re giving to your pets.
  4. Love and a sense of home! Not every animal can understand what home is, but others do, like cats and dogs, and once they feel a sense of home, they’re yours to love forever. Showing love for your pet and giving it a safe home is a blessing that comes right back to the giver tenfold as loving an animal is scientifically proven to reduce stress levels and even prolong one’s lifespan.

So if you don’t have a pet, what are you waiting for?

Not every residence and landlord allows pets, but that doesn’t mean you can visit a neighbour, friend or family member who has a pet you can get to know and appreciate. Visiting a cousin’s parrot or giving a treat to the neighbour’s cat can sometimes be just as fulfilling as having a pet of your own. Try it! You won’t regret it, and nor will the pet, because every animal needs a little love!