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The Importance of Satisfaction In Your Workplace: From Your Local Moss Cleaner

No matter which job in the world you have, you’re producing something, a service, a product, something, or else no one would be paying you. Whether it’s a burger and a smile or a quick and efficient power washing service, it’s something that affects the civilization you live in permanently, something that may have more impact than you or anyone can possibly realize, like the domino effect of a single smile for instance, and the first step to getting satisfaction from the simplest of jobs is seeing and noticing these difference that you’re making in the world. And to improve your satisfaction you must actively want to put more value into the area you live in. As a commercial gutter cleaner, window cleaner and moss removal expert, I get to travel around Victoria BC and all of Vancouver Island adding cleanliness to people’s homes by scrubbing the moss off of their rooftops and giving their windows what I believe is the best window washing service in Victoria. Victoria gutter cleaning and window washing is one of those hard jobs that’s easy to complain about if you’re failing to notice the impact you’re making. After roof demossing for affordable prices all day, and climbing down the ladder with a sore back, I never grouch because a week from now I can walk past this house and say, “Hey, I did that pressure washing service.” Or, “Hey, I did that good window cleaning service.” And the difference I made is for everyone who walks down that road, not just me. After giving a no obligation free estimate to a new client, I go out with the professional team smiling because doing top performance pressure washing services for the best prices all day is, in my mind, so satisfying! Think of your job and what service you provide. Whether it’s pressure washing moss out of the crack in a brick driveway in Oak Bay or cheap gutter cleaning in Langford, if you’re thinking about just the money and your time rather than the actual spot free driveway and perfectly clean gutter system service you did, then of course you’re going to grouch because that work is tough. If you still don’t understand why I love my job so much, just let me list some of the beautiful things you see every day that you take for granted:


  • Brightly clean sidewalks with oil stains removed
  • Rooftops that are clean, reflecting the rays of the sun
  • Washed office building windows
  • A friendly moss removal company truck that lets you pass into the lane of traffic when no other car would
  • Smiles from the people in their homes, gazing out of their spotless windows


And after providing all that to the city everyday the satisfaction is so overwhelming that I just want to go out and wash more windows and clean more gutters. As a roof moss removal company it’s sad to see people who do so much good for their city being so sad at work. For example, a customer who needed swift and low cost roof cleaning and de-mossing, a very kind lady, I won’t mention her name, told us a story of the last cheap gutter cleaners she hired and how sad they were to be working for her. Even though they did an excellent job and left their client pleased, they failed to see the beauty in their own results, had only come for the money and to them it was just another job that needed to be done. Nothing more. Tsk. Tsk. What a shame. The same thing goes for people who flip burgers. The happiest person I know flips burgers all day and he makes roughly 400 people in Victoria smile on a daily basis. Just imagine how much of a domino effect that one man is making with all those smiles. I met him when I was window washing in downtown Victoria. He asked me what it’s like to be a window washer. First I told him I’m actually mostly a roof cleaner and moss cleaner, but it’s all the same, I said. It’s all so satisfying. And it was actually meeting him that gave me the motivation to write this post. Not knowing where I could share my joy, I reached out to this blog and the admins are super grateful. If you want to write a post for this awesome website then click here to go to their contact page. Thank you for reading and I hope you remember to remember the greatness you’re providing.


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