Share the Love in 2019! How?

sharing love

What areas of your life throughout 2018 could have used more love? Before I ask more personal questions that may make your reflect and express the theme of this post, let me tell you what areas of my life in 2018 needed more love and how I intend to improve this in 2019.

Areas in my life that need more love:

  • Love for my neighbors.
  • Love for my hamster.
  • Love for my exercise routine.
  • Love for my diet.
  • Love for my choice of music (too much negative vibes).
  • Love for my poor, poor car.
  • Love for my long-lost practice of visiting nature.

If I think deeper I could come up with many more but I don’t want to shovel too much at once onto myself. If I can settle these love issues, I’ll get to the others in 2020, then more in 2021 and by the time 2030 rolls around I’ll have so much love in my life it’ll be impossible not to cherish my life and the way things are going.

Now time to share my theme and tell you why I asked you that question at the beginning. I’m almost certain that there are areas in everyone’s life where love is lacking. Whether it’s love for yourself or the love you share outside of yourself, there’s areas lacking. Now how different do you think the world would be if everyone on this planet took the time to focus on the lacking areas and absolve them? Do you think that if love was shared more openly in communities a lot of the disputes and social problems we have will disappear? I certainly do, which is the theme of this post.

I believe that if we all focused on filling the holes in our lives with love that the world would be a better place. So I invite you to not consider this some sappy and hokey call to action. I invite you to take love seriously because it is the one power that, with a single stroke, can combat hate, anger, fury, sadness and all the other negative emotions of the world. Please, like I have done above, write down a list of the areas of your life where love is lacking and make a pact with yourself to fill these areas with love slowly, not all at once, over the course of this fabulous new year!

We can do it! 2019 is your year, baby!